Intelligent Clocks

Intelligent, interactive clocks powered by the leading cloud-based timekeeping service TimeWorksPlus
TimeWorksTouch combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services. Streamline punch and payroll activities with greater accuracy to give managers powerful labor management and cost control tools.

Intelligent Clocks

The best timekeeping services with an interactive clock! Features include employee state awareness to eliminate missed and unmatched punches and clock lockout for schedule enforcement. Accurately track meals and breaks and easily calculate job or department costs with prompted transfer options.

Product Features



Captures time data from clocks, calculate multiple rates, accruals, and keeps audit trail


Easy setup for any shift, coverage view, templates, early warning and clock-lockout

Overtime Management

Auto-apply overtime or proactively alert as thresholds approach. Flexible calculations and application

Payroll Integration

Easy time card review and approval. Connects time data to payroll processing for fewer errors and faster completion

Intelligent Clock Features*

TimeWorksPlus is “employee-aware” providing only the punch options relevant to an employee’s current state.

– Eliminate missed punches
– Track meals and breaks
– Transfer departments with job costing
– Prevent early punches with schedule enforcement

Intelligent Timekeeping

Fewer Errors

Intelligent clocks auto-calculate eliminating duplicate or missed punches, and errors computing total hours and pay

Less Unplanned Overtime

Eliminate unplanned overtime and compare budgeted hours to actual worked time

Flexible Configuration

Customized pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements and accrual application. Wide range of physical and online clock options

TimeWorksTouch Specifications

An intelligent, interactive touch-screen clock with fingerprint and prox reader support! Wifi enabled, battery backup, off-line mode with support for up to 6000 unique users.